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Here at The Greek Guy Junk Removal, we take pride in satisfying all your needs in the Junk Removal industry. We remove all types of junk like furniture, general waste and mattresses to single item pick-ups to full estate or hoarding clean outs, yard debris and specialty items.  I'll show up in my professional uniform, give you a clear and calculated free estimate and see if the service fits your needs.  For faster service you can always text a picture of your items you want removed.


This service involves the removal of structures or parts of structures, such as hot tubs, sheds, or decks. We will dismantle the items and remove them from the property, as well as dispose of any debris and recycle what we can.

Estate Clean Out

This service is designed to help families clear out the contents of a home after an event or the downsizing of a living space. We will carefully sort through and remove all unwanted items and can also handle the donation or hauling of any valuable items.

Hoarding Cleanup

This service is designed to help individuals who are struggling with hoarding by removing excess clutter and waste from their homes. We will work with the individual to create a plan for decluttering and organizing their space and will handle the removal and disposal of all unwanted items.

Appliance Removal/ E-waste Recycle

This service is focused on the removal and responsible disposal of electronic waste, such as old computers, laptops, and TV's. We will collect and recycle these items in an environmentally-friendly manner, ensuring that hazardous materials are properly disposed of and that any usable materials are repurposed or recycled. 

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